Everything about Academic IELTS

Academic IELTS – is certainly no stranger to those of you who want to study. Because, the score from this test is one of your admission requirements at your favorite university. However, what exactly is meant by the Academic IELTS? And, how is the test usually done? The following is a more complete description of all things about the Academic IELTS.

# Is that an IELTS?
IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a test to test one’s English language skills. This test is usually held by the Australian Educational IDP and the British Cambridge University Council. A person’s English proficiency in this test will be taken in the form of a score, from 1.0 to 10.0, with a fraction between the two being 0.5. This score will be the condition for receiving someone at an overseas university.

# IELTS Types
When viewed from its use, IELTS is divided into two, namely Academic IELTS and General IELTS. The difference between the two, among others:

1. Academic Version of IELTS
This IELTS test is for those of you who want to continue their education to universities or other higher education institutions abroad. Not only that, for professionals, such as nurses or doctors, those who want to open a practice or just deepen their knowledge to the country are usually also required to have certain academic IELTS scores.
2. IELTS Version General (General)
This IELTS test is for those who want to do non-academic activities, such as work or immigration purposes, abroad. This test is usually not

# Recipient of the IELTS Test
This IELTS test has been applied in several countries with their respective specifications.
1. As an academic condition, issued by educational institutions or institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa.
2. As an immigration requirement, issued by Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

# Needed Score
For work or just an internship, every foreign company has different standards, depending on the sector of the company. For companies that are global, they will usually set a high score, while companies that are ordinary, low scores are acceptable.
Meanwhile, for those of you who want to enter a university equivalent to a degree, usually the required score is around 5.5 to 6.5. Meanwhile, for those of you who want to continue the postgraduate program abroad, the score needed is around 7.0 to 7.5.

# The Test Followed
In the IELTS test, both IELTS and General IELTS Academic, each person will be given four modules, namely speaking (writing), writing (writing), reading (reading), and listening (listening). Test participants must be able to work on all of these tests within 2 hours 45 minutes with different time divisions. For writing and reading tests, it is usually done on the same day. Meanwhile, for listening and speaking tests conducted a week before or after the writing test.

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