Tumpeng: Indonesian Dish With Special Symbol And Philosophy

Tumpeng usually served on a very large round tray made from bamboo known as”Tampah” and decorated with specific ingredients which serve as symbols and special philosophical method of styling and organizing them. You can say in Bahasa: Pesan Nasi Tumpeng to the vendor so they would help you to provide it for your occasion. Nasi Tumpeng dish generally can serve 20 to 60 individuals.

The Cornucopia shaped Rice

The Cornucopia Shaped Rice conveys meaning that everything in life belongs to one point on the top, GOD. Indonesian cultures are usually monotheists.

Even though the first Tumpeng Rice are white (to signify purity), but sometimes the rice has yellowish coloring out of the garlic to get much more joyful, more festive event. The colour Yellow symbolizes glory and grandeur.

Sometimes the basis of the rice generated from two of three levels to represents”going up” to higher level in life.

The Chicken Dish

Chicken dish signifies hard work without becoming greedy. undefined. |} The chicken meat is generally cut out for practicality, but occasionally entire Roasted Male Cock are served to the surface of this cornucopia to represents annihilation of arrogance in your personality.

The Egg Dish

They are in types of shredded omelette, or merely experienced boiled eggs. Whole Boiled unpeeled eggs signifies work before enjoying the results. Since you’ve got to peel the eggs off prior to eating it.

Dried Anchovy Dish

Dish made from dried anchovy, or other tiny fishes which arrive in courses. This means togetherness. Indonesian cultures are usually communal where togetherness believed to be somewhat significant.

From time to time, the very small fishes substituted with nuts or chopped Tempe (Indonesian Soy Cake) to represents precisely the same thing.

The Vegetables

The vegetables used represent various meanings. Bean sprouts suggests good improvement. Vibrant colored vegetables also utilized to represents happiness.

Eating Ritual

The way of eating Tumpeng may likewise be ritualistic. From time to time, the symbols and significance conveys out of the Tumpeng is clarified by means of a preacher as part of an agency.

After that, normally a prayer is done with each other to bless the individuals and the foods, and eventually the very honored guy in a ceremony will probably reduce on the cover of the cornucopia suggesting that the feast could be initiated, followed by additional considered folks in this ceremony.

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