Earn from Google AdSense and Other Ad Networks within 1 Month

Discover our websites and how we generated $800 every month from AdSense from brand new website.

Here’s the tricks :

Tv series with date as tail keywords are easy to rank on search engines and has a volume search daily from fans. Title Example. TV series title august 30, 2018.
Here are my websites optimise for Yahoo:
http://pinoydrama.net/ – Use 400+ words to rank on yahoo at 1st page.
Search this on yahoo search or bing search engine: Halik August 20, 2018 and you will find my site rank no. 1 or 2.
I get 150,000 visitors per month on Yahoo and bing search engine.
http://lambingin.com/ – This site was got suspended due of using copyright video. Use youtube for safety. You can embed video from youtube.
websites optimise for Google Search Engine:
You need only few words to rank on Google at least 100 and maximum of 200 words. See the site.
https://pinoytvchannel.su/ –
You can monetize your website with mgid minimum of 500 / month traffic and revcontent with 2-3 millions of page views a month.
http://pariwiki.ph – We generate million of visitors with this website. We monetize it with revcontent because of high CTR and to avoid our adsense to get suspended because we are using copyright video.
Make sure you target tv series in your country and copy the information on wikipedia of each tv series paste it on your website. Visit my websites and learn how i create my content.


I only work once a week or 4x a month making posts to all my website. Here’s how,

If you created post for the next week you should schedule it on the next week date.

Bonus tips: You can also create website about anime. Anime is has huge fan base and release series every week. The advantage of this keywords is the traffic is worldwide.
You can use the same approaches i mentioned above. Ex. One piece episode 1000. then next create a copy Episode 1001 and so on. For our first experiment we get 100 visitors a day for the keyword Boruto episode 67, 68, 69, 70 four episode / month and i only create post once a month.
The catch here is that if you can create post for multiple Anime series you can generate easy income fast.
This trick is very dangerous since your Adsense and hosting account are in risk.
If you have already website run for years or already generate you income i suggest not to host your new tv series website instead buy a new lowest hosting plan on your current hosting provider so that your website that generate you income will be safe. https://imguerrilla.com

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