When does Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 end ?

There was a expectancy among fans that the season would finish near Christmas, igniting a vacation event and winter themed map adjustments to welcome Season two officially.

Yet, Epic neatly put that idea to bed with a shock announcement back in November, stating that Season 1 had been extended until “February 2020” — with such extension making the present season the longest in the game’s short history.

Concerning an official date, however, there’s not been any official word in the game’s programmers, but according to dataminers the year could finish between February 6 and February 13, both of which are Thursdays.

The beginning and end dates for seasons become postponed and extended all the time — take Season 10 for example. Its conclusion was delayed by almost a week so as to offer players V Bucks Generator more time to complete challenges before the massive The End occasion sent the game into a two-day spell of darkness.

By the identical token, even if the end of Season 1 is triggered at the start of February, it could be a couple more days till we see the next kick into gear.

When will Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 begin?

If it’s like the majority of the seasons before it, then the new season will start the identical day that the previous ends.

However, that has not technically always been the case, because Season X stopped on a Sunday but it took almost two whole days prior to Season 1 of 2 was launched.

While that is not likely to take place at the beginning of Season 2, you should always expect the unexpected in regards to Epic Games.

What’s more, a new season hasn’t begun on a Sunday in Fortnite history, as most of the launch dates have been either Tuesday or Thursday, with a couple of Fridays sprinkled for its first seasons.

Will there be an in-game event to start Season 2?

In-game events have become a convention Epic Games use to wrap up an old season and kick-start a new one. While The End will return as the biggest one by-far, both concerning size and span, there are others who have dictated the direction with which the new season will be moving.

As far as Chapter 2: Season 2 goes, there’ll likely be some sort of scene at the start of it, though it’s difficult to tell at this point with it being so early in Season 1.

When there is going to be an occasion, the first indication will come from the game-files that data-miners find and leak, followed by real in-game clues such as map adjustments and countdown timers.

With the Star Wars event drawing to a close on January 7, that frees up around a month’s worth of time for Epic to begin progressively dropping hints towards the next season’s story.

A growing number of details will start to be revealed in the near future, and we shall, of course, have all that for you here after they’re available.

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