Beginner Guide to Investing Forex Trading Currency Trading – MAKE THOUSANDS

So in this video we’re going to take a look at one of the biggest markets in the world if not the biggest the foreign exchange market lots of talk around about possible crisis in the eurozone quantitative easing in the US and the UK so lots of focus on currency markets in general so today’s video what the currency markets all about what does a typical currency pair as it’s called look like and what are the kind of key influences that will affect an exchange rate so jadwal tv

If you’re looking to trade currencies maybe using something like a spread bet how would you decide whether occurrence is likely to rise or fall okay so key features of the foreign exchange markets also known as Forex not surprisingly lots of jargon around in this market and that puts people off but it shouldn’t okay so key features number one this is a 24-hour market currencies are traded all around the world and it is as I say one of the biggest if not the biggest markets in the world the daily volume or turnover many times that of something like the equity market for example so 24-hour currencies are traded around the world big financial centers include New York Tokyo

And London it’s a very liquid market there’s another piece of jargon liquidity is good what that means is that for most of these so-called major currencies and that’s a group that includes the US dollar sterling the Euro you can get in and out very quickly other features it’s not a place for widows and orphans it’s fast what that means is exchange rates can react very quickly to key pieces of data and we’ll look at one or two of those in a moment so if you get into the foreign exchange market make sure you think straight away about how you’re going to limit the damage