Best Free Live TV streaming websites

If you’re looking for the best OBS streaming settings I think really anywhere between very fast and fast it’s usually gonna result in a nice cloudy stream so I usually just pick the middle which is faster but really just like I said before it’s just gonna depend on how good of a PC you actually have moving up from that we’ve got the profile and for that I usually just go with main and then for my tune I just leave that at none also I don’t do anything with the x264 options I just leave that empty and that’s what most people do too so they just go and click on apply’ and you should be good to go and it was quickly moved back to the bitrate because that’s something I want to cover and I feel like I haven’t talked much about that for 720p streams I recommend having a bit raised somewhere between 2,000 and 3,500

The same thing to start from the bottom and slowly work your way up by doing test streams until you find what works best for you even though twitch does allow you to stream at 6000 max now you still have to think about your viewers and not everyone is able to watch streams double buffering at that have a bit rate so that’s why I even say doing 1080p streams might be nice but since you’ll need a higher bitrate to actually do that there’s a pretty good chance that most reviewers won’t even be able to watch it I personally think 720p at 60 FPS with a BA in the range of 2030 500 will be plenty, in my opinion, I usually just change my birria to 3,000 to see what bitrate is actually right for you to head over to and just click tv1 Malaysia

The big circle that says go on it and I’m gonna have a little chart on the screen for us to actually compare your upload speed and that’ll be what I think your bitrate should be you want to keep in mind that you’re showing these speeds with the rest of your house so unless you live alone definitely keep in mind that someone might be watching Netflix downstairs this one won’t be doing a big download in a different room or something like that so if you’re streaming at the same time as someone else is doing something like that then you’re probably gonna cause your whole house to lag if your speeds aren’t that good so anyways again just click on apply and you should be good to go from there for the recording setting and just like I said before if you do want to see what I do for that to get the best quality possible just check out the link in the description below it’s a detailed guide on how to get 1080p footage in 60fps so it’s totally up to you but I thought it might as well mention that once more I always moving

We’ve got the audio tab and I usually just tend to leave the track that I’m streaming on either 160 or 192 early doesn’t matter what if I’m recording then I usually just bump everything else up to 320 so i’ll change this to 320 all the rest and even the first one I just changed everything to 320 if I’m recording on OBS but if I’m just streaming I just used whichever ones I’m using at 160 or 192 I really don’t think it makes that big of a difference lastly hit apply and you should be good to go from there to now the next work that I’m about to mention is something you guys should have already set up yourselves what I might as well just cover it in the video but that’s actually gonna be the streaming tab and this is essentially where you set up whatever stream service that you’re gonna use well that’s like twitch mixer youtube Twitter or really anything you’ll also want to find your scream key which is the thing right here and a bunch like black circles

To find your own specific stream key for whatever provider to use just do a google search of stream key space the provider you’re using an example of this could be a Google search of stream key space twitch once you find it just copy paste it into this text box right here from there just go and pick on the server that’s closest to you can do Auto which is recommended I know that Chicago is pretty close so I just left it there it doesn’t really matter what you do to be honest just pick whatever is closest to you to get the highest quality stream possible also one last thing I do want to mention is don’t shoot your stream key to anyone else because that’s all they need to actually stream on your account so even having a signing in with your password but anyways from better you can click on apply’ clicking okay set up your scenes and sources and all that stuff hit the start streaming tv2 Malaysia