Bojo Violently Destroys Generation

Dangdut is one of the music from the genre of music art that developed in Indonesia. This form of dangdut music has its roots in Malay music around the 1940s. In evolution to a contemporary form, some elements of Indian music (especially in the use of tabla or drum) and Arabic (in cengkok and harominsasi sound) are included.

With the change in Indonesian political currents in the late 1960s, it gave a great influence to western music to enter the flow of dangdut music, such as the use of electric guitars and also the way of marketing dangdut music. Around the 1970s dangdut music became popular, and dangdut singers and or artists were very open to the influence of other forms of music, ranging from kerocong, jazz, pop, and others. (Source)

Actually, since the beginning of the appearance of dangdut music, this music is intended for all classes or lower classes. But along with its development, this music actually received a tremendous appreciation from people from the lower classes. Dangdut music is preferred by people from the lower classes, perhaps because this type of music is a type of music that is light and accompanied by song lyrics commonly used in everyday life.

So that music lovers can understand the meaning and meaning of the song without thinking again. And there is a myth that dangdut music belongs to the lower classes of people, this is probably because most villagers prefer to buy dangdut tapes rather than buying western music tapes which are currently loved by children or city people. But many people are allergic to dangdut songs. Dangdut music is often identified with music that is less elite, subtle, even violent.

In the era of the 2000s along with the saturation of original or original dangdut music, at the beginning of this era musicians in the East Java region, especially those in the coastal areas of Pantura began to develop new types of dangdut music, namely, dangdut koplo music. This koplo dangdut is a mutation of dangdut music after the era of dangdut campursari, which has increased its traditional rhythm by adding the inclusion of kendang kempul art elements which are musical arts originating from the Banyuwangi region of East Java and other rhythms.

Thanks to the creativity of the Timuran Javanese dangdut musicians, until now the dangdut koplo music that is synonymous with jingkrak style on the sway of the singer, (but not all singers always shake prancing). And also because the music is very famous and much loved by all Indonesian people.

In the era of dangdut koplo music, it began to spur the growth of the dangdut music group which is more famous as “OM” or often called the Malay Orchestra, namely, OM. Sera, OM. Monata, OM. Pallapa (now renamed NEW PALLAPA). It is this dangdut music group that raises a lot of dangdut koplo music in Indonesia, and also many other dangdut music groups. I took the example in the area of ​​the city in East Java Province, at present most almost all events featuring live music always respond or invite orchestras. And if there is a celebration that does not show the dangdut koplo music, there will certainly feel something missing.

Dangdut music in Indonesia continues to grow to give birth to dangdut koplo. Music with the characteristics of ketipung musical instruments. And we can see it from the lyrics of the song that uses Javanese or everyday language. The cool thing about dangdut koplo music is that it can make its listeners sway, and now even those who are interested in dangdut koplo music are interested. Especially the Javanese people who live in rural areas.

In my village most people love dangdut koplo music. Every day there must be a neighbor who plays loudly the song dangdut koplo through the speaker at his house. Even if there is a celebration or other event, there must be a stage for dangdut koplo music to enliven the atmosphere. Until finally all the people knew of the Koplo dangdut song, including children who were still in elementary school. The phenomenon of children knowing, liking, and singing dangdut koplo songs really bothered my mind. Why ?? I met it when I played at my friend’s house, and my friend had a younger brother who was still in 4th grade.

Early in the story, my friend’s sister was playing with other friends. When I noticed those children who were cool to compete who was the most memorized song they memorized. Looks very exciting to see, occasionally they shout at each other. But really intriguing and surprising in my opinion, because from the beginning to the end they debated the lyrics of this song.

Yo wes ben nduwe bojo sing fierce
Yo wes ben sing ususane sting

Finally I approached all of them and I asked them all what songs were they singing so crowded? and they answered “Bojo Fierce”. Then I tan

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