Creative Way on Increasing Alexa Rank

A couple of days ago I covered 5 internet affiliate marketing tools which no internet marketer or marketer online generally should do without.

Among the free tools was the Search engine optimization Quake toolbar which I love to use to get immediate analytical information with regards to the web pages I am surfing and probably the most interesting stats you’ll have is really a domain’s Alexa rank. There are more methods to find this stat, however the Alexa rank is usually regarded as probably the most trustworthy metrics of the site’s quality.

You can study all sorts of details about any web site you are searching for free without requiring use of their Google Analytics to determine it using Alexa.

Likely the most crucial information/stat is really a site’s Alexa rank itself which is viewed as proof of that site’s worth/status. In situation you possessed more evidence of this, Google itself and Facebook occupy the figures 1 and a pair of positions on Alexa, correspondingly.

But exactly how is that this number calculated and how will you improve your Alexa rank?

How you can Increase Alexa Rank

The dpi may be the product of two significant statistics with regards to your website: traffic and page views. Visitors are the number of unique visitors your website receives each day and page views describes the number of pages typically an individual thoughts about your website.

Alexa examines these two stats in the last three month duration of your website. So you don’t only need consistent high amounts of traffic, however, you need individuals to spend considerable time exploring your website, having your bounce rate (the percent of holiday makers to your website whom leave your website on a single page them arrived on without visiting every other pages) to a minimum.

Having your Alexa rank as near to #1 as you possibly can ought to be a significant priority you have like a website owner since it happens due to doing things that you need to be doing in optimizing your website. Having your bounce rate to a minimum by serving as much unique and informative content as you possibly can in addition to having your traffic levels greater and greater.