How To Check Smartfren Credits

For us new users Smartfren may not know how to check Smartfren credit. There are several ways we can find out how many pulses we have.

Smartfren is one of the kings of CDMA provider with a fairly successful launch and gets millions of customers in Indonesia. With CDMA technology that does offer cheaper communication cost as well as better quality.

CDMA Network also has high protection so it is often chosen to do communication that is important or confidential.

As if not want to lose with any GSM provider. Smartfren also develops innovations by launching CDMA EVDO and 4G LTE Advanced. Which is certainly very beneficial for its users and certainly got a good response from its users.

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One of the basic information that we should know is how to check Smartfren credit. For simplicity, we provide images in each method of the check.

Here are some ways you can use which admins grab from the Web

1. SMS

We can check the pulse via SMS without being charged (free). The trick is quite easy we just need to enter the Message menu then type CHECK and send to 999.

Wait a few moments until the provider sends us a message. The message contains the remaining balance information as well as the active period of our Smartfren cards.

2. Call Dial

Open our Hp then enter the call menu or dial-up.
After that type the format * 999 #. Then press call/OK/yes.
Remaining credit will be notified via SMS notification sent by Smartfren provider.
3. Voicemail
Open dialup menu or call on our handphone.
After that press 999, then call.
Once connected we just need to follow the instructions from the operator and get the remaining information of our pulse.

4. MySmartfren Application

MySmartfren is an official application launched directly by Smartfren.

This application has various features inside. Such as package purchases, the number of info we use and many more interesting features.

How to check Smartfren credits using MySmartfren application:

If we do not have this app on our smartphone, we can get MySmartfren application in Google Play Store.
After the download and install process is complete. Next Open the app
If the Internet connection that we use comes from the Smartfren card. Then we will automatically log in without having to use the account.
But if our Internet connection does not use the Smartfren card then we must log in using the account we have created.

After entering the main page, we will immediately find out how much credit we have. In addition, on the main page will also display other information such as the rest of the package quota that we are using.

Please do how to check smartfren pulse that you think is easiest, hopefully with this, we do not lose credit in the occult.