How to Make a Strong and Hard to Guess Password

How to Make a Strong and Hard to Guess Password

Passwords are among the primary keys for internet users at this time. The reason, the password is used as a device to enter someone’s account.

Therefore, the confidentiality of passwords is very tightly maintained by the user. If the password for an account can be found out by irresponsible parties, it is possible that your personal information can be accessed or stolen.

To overcome this, you certainly need to create a password that is powerful and not easy to guess.

However, not all internet users apparently know the technique to create a crack-proof password.

Therefore, here are tips for creating passwords that are not easily broken into.

1. Start with the sentence

Although passwords mean keywords, it is better not to use words alone. Based on information from CEO of Crone Consulting LLC, Richard Crone, when creating a password it is best to open it by creating a structured sentence.

Choose sentences that are easy to remember, but try not to use information about your life. Avoid using the name of a pet fauna or family member.

“The longer and not connected to you, the better the password,” he said.

For example, you can create the phrase ‘cat has difficulty bathing’ and is processed into a ‘kucingsusahmandi’ password.

2. Avoid using original words

After chasing a combination of sentences to be used, immediately work on a number of changes. One of them is to cut the letters contained in it.

As much as possible not to use words that really exist, so creating your password is not easy to guess. From the example above, you can change it to ‘kucsusman’.

3. Combine numbers, symbols and uppercase letters

Finally, change the number of letters in the sentence to another character. As is known, a number of sites always encourage users to use at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and number.

Not to forget, you can also enter symbols like dots or exclamation points. Keep in mind, when working on this combination, you shouldn’t repeat letters, numbers, and symbols that are too close together.

Take the previous example, ‘kucsusman’, you can add as many symbols, like ‘kuc2u2M4n’.

How, the method is easy right? Good luck!