Luhur Poten Temple Of Mount Bromo

Luhur Poten Temple Of Mount Bromo. This is unique Bromo, in addition to presenting the beauty of the natural panorama of the mountain, hills, sea of sand, savanna, sunrise, also presents the beauty and nobility of the culture of the people who dwell around it is the people of the Tengger tribe. As we know, the Tengger community could not be separated from Mount Bromo and Yadnya Kasada.

For people of Tengger Gunung Bromo and Pura Luhur Poten is a sacred and important place in both daily and religious celebrations. Pura Luhur Poten is a piece of land and a temple-like building located in the middle of the sea of sand (precisely between Mount Bromo and Mount Batok) as the venue for the ceremony of Kasada

History Luhur Poten Temple Bromo

Pura Luhur Poten was built in 2000, with the style of Javanese and Balinese architecture. The building consists of 3 zones or mandalas, namely: the Mandala Utama (place of worship), the Mandala Madya (place of accompaniment ceremony of Sembayang), Mandala Nista (switching entrance inside).
Main Mandala, place of worship
The Noble Temple
Also called innards, a worship site consisting of:

Padma: The main function is to be a cult of the Sanghyang Widi or God Almighty, PADMA is not roofed consisting of legs (Tepas), Body (Batur) and head (Sari) equipped with Bedawang, Nala, Garuda and Goose.

Bedawang Nala, this emblem reflects a giant turtle that supports the Padmasana, is bodied by two dragon tails, Garuda and goose flying position behind the Padma body that each according to the mythology represents the majesty of the form and function of Padmasana.

The Sekepat building (pillar of four) functions for the presentation of ceremonial means or activities of a series of ceremonies.

Bale Pawedan and the place of shamans during worship.

Luhur Poten Temple Of Mount Bromo

Central Zone Mandala Madya

Also known as Jaba Tengah, the preparation place and the accompaniment ceremony consist of:

Kori Agung Candi, the shape is similar to the monument, its head wears a rectangular roof deck or facet terraced shrink up with the building square, rectangular or faceted with the edges around a depa alit, DEPA Associate , the great Depa.

Bale Kentongan/Bale Kul-Kul is located at the front corner of the temple grounds, the function of the place to be sounded early, end and certain moment of the series of ceremonies.

Bale Bengong/Sacred inheritance is located between a associate Mandala and a mandala Nista. Its function is to prepare the needs of ceremonial dishes that need to be prepared in temples that are generally far from the village where settlements.
Front Zone Mandala Nista
Also called the Jaba Sisi is a place of transfer from the outside into the temple consisting of temple building or other supporting buildings. Pura Yard is limited by the wall of the boundary of the entrance yard in front or in the middle Dapet/side of the temple and the entrance to the main organ wearing Kori Agung.

Pura Luhur Poten reaches the peak of tourist visit during Kasada celebrations, for those who want to witness the splendor and sacredness of Pura Luhur Poten during Kasada, must plan for a far distant day, all accommodation facilities in the area of Bromo and The surroundings may be full-booked when you are late.

During mount bromo tour, you need Heading to Pura Poten Bromo, you have to cross the sea of sand, you can walk, rent a horse, ride a motorcycle taxi or jeep, depending on your choice. For that you have to prepare masks and glasses to avoid the grains of sand carried by angina that might be hit by you. Hats, sunscreen or umbrellas should you include in your luggage list, to ward off the sun. White water do not miss.