Market Segmentation for Better Conversion

Marketing is a costyly activities. Once you spend a fund for an advertisement campaign, it will not getting back to you once you get a profit. Getting a profit itself can be a tricky things. It contain activities related to marketing mix and some of skill of the marketer.

To get better conversion for your advertising effort, you may need to do a market segmentation. This segmentation will create an ad segment that will be divided into different webcopy. Here are the market segmentation that you can cosider before writing your copywriting.

Most Aware
This segment is a group of people are already buy your product. This is a really hot market people that already trust with you and even will give you a free advertising through words of mouth once you service them with a nice service or product after sales.

Product Aware
People on this group may know related to product or service that can solve their problem. You may need to introduce them to your company and why to buy from your company.

Solution Aware
This kind of segment is a group of people that has known a solution of their life problem and found the solution, but did not know what product that best for their solution.

Problem Aware
People that already know that they are having a problem and want a solution.

People that really don’t know your product, service, and solution. They are not knowing that they are need of your business.