Multiple sample picture coloring pages

Give coloring pictures of fruits to the child, as learning materials in the coloring. And also as an introduction media to the child to a variety of fruits that exist.

So that the child can distinguish this fruit papaya, this fruit watermelon, this fruit apple, this fruit Duran. And some fruit coloring pictures. That can be used as a means of learning children coloring as follows.


The following image is a floral coloring picture, in coloring pictures of flowers quite easily not so difficult as to draw a scene. And this picture is suitable for Paud and kindergarten children who are learning to color at school.

Hopefully, the following flower images can be useful and can be used as a child coloring media. So it can foster creativity and artistic spirit to the child.


Simple house coloring pages become a favorite coloring tool for kids to learn coloring. Because it is quite easy and simple during the process of coloring the house image, so the child is not so difficult when coloring it.

The child can also create a lot of interesting colors, in the coloring of the house picture. Children can color the house, walls, doors, and windows, with your child’s liking.


Various car coloring pictures for kindergarten and Paud children, coloring lessons are very liked by children. For in coloring they can be creative as they want, so as to develop the soul of art in a child.

The following picture is a coloring image that you can use as a coloring material for children Paud and TK, only if you can save the following pictures to your computer you can print and use the new one.


Coloring our children’s drawings, because they often visit them and often worship them. By giving pictures of mosques to be used as coloring materials for children.

Can further improve the closeness to the mosque so that it can be a special education facility for the children. In order for children to color the mosque pictures freely at their heart, here I give the picture of coloring Muslim children, which is a mosque that still uses black and white pictures as a child coloring media.


children like activities related to various animals, therefore many educational media for Paud and Tk that can be used. As a medium of learning Indonesian children, one of them provides a coloring media object that can be used the most liked by one of the young children who are related to the star.

There are so many kinds of animals that are easy to color, and here are the coloring pictures that you can download directly. For your child’s media coloring using pencils and crayons.

That’s him some black and white coloring pictures that we took from the website¬†¬†The coloring pages are used some of the sketch pictures above and can be directly given to the little one. And parents are always accompanied by the activity of drawing or coloring so that the child is more comfortable when coloring it.

What do you think about some of the coloring pictures above? Print it out and give it to the children so they can have fun coloring while getting to know new things. Hopefully, the children will know more about the Banda-things and what they have been wrapped in.

A collection of sketch picture coloring can be considered as a start for later the child can become more proficient when coloring a shape of objects and the other. So that they get used to it first and grow up to be creative.