Seva Mobil Bekas : Common Causes of a Car Can Burn

On the streets sometimes there are only cars that have a natural fire. In fact, not a few cases that write if a Lamborghini class vehicle also can still experience this incident.

When witnessing cases like this, it is often caused by overheating of the engine or destruction of the engine element. Not infrequently even due to a pretty bad misfortune. But quoted from, there are 6 common causes a car can catch fire.

1. Design Mistakes

Who would have thought the design of a vehicle could cause a fire. An example is cable management or layout that is not safe and has a great potential to catch fire, like a short circuit and components that have a hot temperature placed around the fuel tank.

2. Rarely Caring for Cars

Car maintenance is the first step to detecting damage as early as possible. So that risks can be minimized such as misfortune and fire.

Checking electricity and fuel tanks must be carried out routinely. Do not forget to check the engine.

3. Install the Additional Accessories

This is what can cause a fire on the car. Extra accessories that are only installed without calculating the most risky.

If you say electricity, surely the extra accessories will increase the load, often there will be a safety component that accompanies, like a fuse, fan, radiator and others.

Therefore, if you intend to install dashcam, extra lights or different accessories, make sure to choose a repair shop that has guaranteed quality.

4. Overheating on the Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter in a car has the advantage to filter out pollutants in the exhaust gases. With these benefits, it is clear that this element can trigger a fire. Moreover, if the car engine does not work optimally in burning fuel. That has the potential to increase the temperature of the catalytic converter.

For that, you should often do maintenance and inspect the combustion chamber by examining spark plugs and average fuel consumption.

5. The engine is too hot

Indeed if the engine is too hot it will not make the car burn directly. However, this situation can cause liquids like oil and coolant to spill. When in contact with components with high temperatures, the risk of burning is enormous.

The point is must regularly maintain the vehicle and check the engine cooling components, whether it still works well or not.

6. Accident

It’s clear if an accident can cause a fire. That is very likely to happen if a vital part, like a battery and fuel tank affected by the incident.

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