Several Wedding Tips For Brides

Tanning might seem like a good idea. However, if you choose to sunbathe, don’t do it for a week before your wedding. In fact, your skin on the camera may look orange. Your skin needs a little time to return to normal from the camera’s perspective.

Shining on hair, face, or chest / shoulders is never a good idea. This looks good for people around you, but not in the picture. Brightness reflects light; When a picture is taken, it looks like white spots, which usually look like dandruff. It’s not pretty and can’t be easily solved in Photoshop like most things. Plus, light never stays in place, so anyone you hug (who will be everyone) can end up with light, including the groom.

To meet each other
This is one of my best wedding tips for brides. Now, I know it’s a tradition not to meet each other before the ceremony, and if that’s what you want, it’s OK. However, I suggest you look at yourself for several reasons. First, tradition continues when marriage is arranged. If the groom sees the bride before the ceremony and does not like his appearance, he can refuse it and his family will not accept dowry money. This is also why a bride wears a veil. When the ceremony is over, it’s too late, so the groom is in jail. This is why kisses are usually at the end of the ceremony (after the oath) when the veil is removed. Basically, this is not the best tradition to emulate. Second, if you see yourself, you can take all the photos before you start. After the ceremony, you can go directly to the cocktail hour and enjoy an evening that is hardly interrupted by the photographer. Finally, when you first see yourself, this is an extraordinary time, easier to understand in a private environment, and gives you time to enjoy yourself without rushing to attend the ceremony. This is different from when you walked in the hall so you haven’t moved it since then.

Tips on Bridal Wedding Invitations
I suggest that you set the time of the ceremony at least 15 minutes before starting the ceremony. That way, the latest arrivals are always on time and don’t try to hurry after the procession starts.

to eat
It is important to eat on your wedding day. It’s a long and emotional day, so it’s best to have a full stomach to continue. This is also important during reception. I know you want to talk to your guests and have fun, but I can’t stress enough that you have to eat.

It is important to remember the time of sunset. If the sunset is beautiful, you might want to have a photo in front of you, which you cannot do if something happens like your important ceremony or dance during the reception. Also, it’s important to remember that even though the fall wedding is pleasant, the sun sets early and you have to adjust your time. Finally, some sites have ceremonial sites facing the sunset. This might look beautiful, but you want to set your ceremony time before sunset, because the falling light affects your photos; and when they looked at each other, their guests looked directly into the sun when they only wanted to see it.

Bridal Grooming Box
These wedding tips for brides are a must. I suggest you have a separate box or wallet with items you might need. Even though you can’t use an item, it’s better to have it than you need it. Here’s what I suggest you bring:

Safety pins, hair clips, hair clips, scissors, deodorant (spray for you to share), lip gloss (or buy your lipstick with your makeup), hooks (especially for buttons and buckle dresses)), sewing supplies, travel pairs, candy or chewing gum, lotion, sandals (for later dancing), cotton buds, cotton balls, nail clippers and nail files. If you have questions about marriage advice for the bride or need other advice, don’t hesitate to ask! I attended a lot of weddings and learned a lot from other people’s adventures. Read also Wedding Nail Designs for Wedding Nail Tips