Tips on Understanding Reading Problems in the General Test Ielts

ielts general reading test is one part of 4 stages of the test. In this test, participants will be presented with short factual texts that must be completed within 60 minutes. Reading test itself has 40 questions.

Part 1
In part 1 of the reading session of the general test, participants will be given 2 to 3 short factual texts. One text is a combination consisting of 6 or 8 texts related to a topic, such as a hotel ad. In general, the topics in this section are topics that are relevant to the daily life of an English-speaking country.

Part 2
Then in part 2 of the test reading the general ielts, participants will be given 2 short factual texts with issues related to the world of work. Such as policies issued by a company, applying for work, paying employee salaries and certain conditions in a company.

Part 3
In this section, participants will be given a complex text on a topic. Topics taken are usually topics or issues that are of general interest and many become public discussions. The text will usually be taken from advertisements, notices, books, magazines or company handbooks and newspapers.

Question type
Of course, in each section of the general reading test, there will be questions that refer to the text. The task of participants is to understand and read the text provided and provide answers that are relevant to the text. The questions given also have several types. These types are like multiple choices, identifying the information provided in the text and identifying the views given by the text writer.

Participants can also be asked to provide a suitable title from a factual text presented. Other types of questions such as what features match the text, the appropriate sentence suffix, completion of the summary, completion of sentences and completion of notes are also given. There are also questions with short answers that can be easily answered by participants by speed reading. Participants can also be asked questions to complete the chart table and flow-chart completion.

In essence, to be able to complete this test phase properly, participants must have the ability to read fast and read carefully. Not all test answers are available in short factual texts, sometimes participants also need to make analysis, conclusions and arguments. Therefore, this reading test session cannot be considered easy. Participants must prepare themselves well and read a lot.

Understanding the text will be easier if participants know the meaning of reading well. Therefore the vocabulary of participants must also be improved. Actually general ielts are easier than the academic version. Therefore, prepare yourself well before taking a general ielts test.