Traditional Anniversary Gifts – Flowers As Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Anniversary Gifts – There are no flowers that are more traditional than roses. Since ancient times in Rome, they used to shower their guests with fragrant petals, in the belief that it was an aphrodisiac. Flower shops around the world want you to believe that the only gift given every year on holidays, including birthdays, is flowers, especially roses.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Flowers are a great gift to offer as a traditional anniversary gifts for every year. In fact, a 4-year birthday gift is a flower or fruit. They are easily available and always seem to brighten or enliven the room. Read also 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

What is given flowers every year from daisies is very common to the most exotic birds of paradise. Here is a list of traditional birthday flowers, of course, don’t hesitate to think outside the vase.

Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts – Flower

  • 1st Carnation
  • 2nd Lily of the valley
  • 3rd Sunflower
  • 4th Hydrangea
  • 5th Daisy
  • 6th Calla
  • 7th Freesia
  • 8th Lilac
  • 9th Bird of paradise
  • 10th Daffodil
  • 11th Tulip
  • 12th Peony
  • 13th Chrysanthemum
  • 14th Dahlia
  • 15th Rose
  • 20th Aster
  • 25th Iris
  • 28th Orchid
  • 30th Lily
  • 40th Gladiolus
  • 50th Yellow roses & violets

    Remember that you can order flowers from a local flower shop, design your arrangements online or choose them on the field for a personal touch. If you have saved a bridal bouquet on your wedding day, you can use it as the center of your annual romantic dinner for two people. Or create a traditional flower / boutineer corset for a particular year to use on your special date.

    Maybe you can also add traditional symbolic ingredients from the list of traditional anniversary gifts. For the first birthday, make a unique frame around carnations with stamped tissue paper or, for the 25th year, accent the bouquet of iris with a silver ribbon. You can even give potted plants to your loved ones who will last several seasons for your 9th birthday. The limit is your imagination!

    These are just a few little touches that will show him that you think of the love sign that you shared on your birthday, be it a traditional birthday wedding gift or not.

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