Tutorial best and Pro Gear Set-up

And that’s kind of how it’s going to look so this is a no BS so obvious actually this is what you kind of educate what you’re streaming so obvious software it’s pretty straightforward and that’s what I use you can use split there’s that everything and this is basically like a streaming program obvious is free so you know how to pay anything for it and like I said you just send in a signal and you can set up different things you can see I can have overlay graphics up here I can do all kinds of stuff but yeah but basically if here I can like I said I can set up my scene so the main one here is I have my black magic here so I have my black magic web presenter and I can turn that on and off so right now this is what’s being sent for my water black magic web presenter I can turn on Tv3 Malaysia

And off so you can see I have my black magic basically audio again and you know chose you the final mix of all of my audio and then I can do other things up here I can I can have like multiple scenes so you can you can even have multiple video feeds coming into your computer and you can have basically you even sitting at the computer and switching here this stuff right so you can kind of stream it this way and then the way it kind of works is once you’re ready you basically just hit this button here start streaming so I’m gonna do this right now it says connecting and now it’s streaming already so it’s sending data it’s showing me up here how fast it is and all that stuff and this is basically what it’s sending right now so maybe here I’m gonna right now do a screen capture so you guys can kind of see it and let me just jump in here move this over

And this is kind of how it looks here let me maybe scale this down so you can see here my desktop now this is how you’re gonna end up actually sending something so you can send it directly to youtube or Facebook that’s pretty simple once you hit streaming you set up basically in your streamer basically your settings so you would go into settings here and then you for stream it’s gonna basically ask you to right now I’m streaming soi can change it’s gonna ask you what server so you which let’s say select youtube or whatever facebook and then it’s gonna ask you for a string key and that’s it I’m streaming to restream that I off you can notice here and that’s because restream that IL I have up here as a great website because allows me to now take one stream and send it to multiple websites so right now I have it set up for that’s just facebook