Wedding Anniversaries in Western Country

What is a wedding anniversary and why do we celebrate it as part of Western culture? This is just a celebration of someone’s wedding date. Traditionally, they have been given names to indicate the duration of a marriage, such as the centenary to celebrate 50 years of marriage.

Official confession

An important milestone for this warning is now officially recognized by various governments and heads of state. This not only shows respect for the long-term marriage that still exists today, but also allows couples who are celebrating to enjoy their time in the spotlight with something a little special.

Official recognition in the British Commonwealth
The king on the throne on his 60th, 65th and 70th birthday can send a private message to the couple to wish them a hundredth birthday. However, this message will only be sent if the request is sent to Buckingham Palace in the UK or to the office of a competent Governor General in other Commonwealth countries. Every hundred years after the 70th day, the king will automatically receive a message if the request is hated.

In Australia and Canada, the Governor-General will also issue congratulatory letters in the 50th century.

Official confession in the United States
In the United States, couples who celebrate their 50th birthday or other can receive personal wishes from the President’s office.

Official recognition of the Papal State
Roman Catholic couples can receive papal blessings through their diocese for important marriages, such as 25, 50, 60 and 70 years. These papal blessings must be requested in advance and will be approved by the Vatican in the papal country.

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts

The names of traditional wedding anniversaries provide an approximate estimate of the types of traditional gifts couples must exchange on their wedding day. Below is a list of the most important wedding anniversaries and corresponding gifts:

The first wedding anniversary is the Paper Anniversary
The fifth wedding anniversary is the Wooden Anniversary
The tenth wedding anniversary is the Tin Anniversary
The fifteenth anniversary is the Crystal Anniversary
The twentieth anniversary is the China Anniversary
The twenty-fifth anniversary is the Silver Anniversary

Two of the most important centennial celebrations are 50 and 60 respectively, which are gold and diamond memorials. This traditional hundred-year gift is believed to have originated in Germany, but it should be noted that the hundred-year gift and symbol began to change over time with diamonds, which are now the famous British symbols for the 75th century.