Wedding Traditions – Discard Or Keep?

wedding traditions

Wedding Traditions – Marriage is rich in tradition. In fact, many of the customs that a bride can put in their own marriage are there because “that’s how things are always done”, not because they specifically want these elements to be part of their special day. Look at the overview of the most common marriage traditions when we answer the question: Should they be defended or discarded?

wedding traditions

White wedding dress. This habit doesn’t date as much as people think. Queen Victoria is launching a favorite of white wedding dresses. Before his marriage to Prince Albert, most women only wore their best clothes or new dresses were their favorite colors. White wedding dresses have many connotations, especially as a symbol of the purity of the bride. There is a tendency nowadays to stay away from white (or ivory) dresses that support small color beach wedding dresses or are entirely made in colors like red. To answer the question of whether this tradition should be preserved or abandoned, the solution is to wear a traditional white wedding dress with pearl wedding jewelry only if you really want it. If you want to wear a red dress on your wedding day, do it!

Bridesmaids. Did you know that the initial goal of bridesmaids was to dress in the same way as bridesmaids to confuse evil spirits who were believed to be attracted to their wives? And the bridesmaids think today that they suffer; at least, all they need to avoid is unwanted advances from honorable men getting drunk! Today, the habit of arranging wedding receptions has grown and now consists of choosing to spend your marriage surrounded by your best friends to support you and make the wedding planning process more enjoyable along the way. Who doesn’t want their best friend during one of the most enjoyable days of their lives? Bridesmaids are traditions that must be maintained. The persecution of bridesmaids, however, is definitely resolved. Don’t forget to treat them as your friends, not as your personal servant.

Wedding gift. When a wedding is planned, there will be lots of prizes. There are bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts, bridal and groom gifts, bridal gifts for your parents, boys and bridesmaid gifts, and even wedding favors to thank the guests for coming. Phew! Are all these gifts really needed? Actually, it depends. For young couples who are just starting out, the answer is yes, the traditions surrounding wedding gifts are extraordinary. Shower and wedding gifts are designed to help newlyweds build their first homes, and the gifts they offer to parents and weddings to show their gratitude are undoubtedly important. Also, which bride does not want to receive wedding jewelry from her father or fiance before the ceremony? That said, when the couple is married, some of those present must be removed. Bathing is a no-no for second brides, and luxury wedding gifts are also useless when brides combine two complete houses.

Garter. The league is launched because the old superstition that confiscates a piece of clothing from the bride will bring happiness to the wearer. After a while, the brides, who were tired of being seized by their guests, began playing their rooms in the crowd. The fiance acts in flagrante delicto to avoid that the lucky ones try to pass under the wedding dress to get the league. But now, the shooting is no longer an irresistible moment in what should be an elegant day. It’s no longer a matter of looking for a league with luck, but seeing how far the groom can exceed the limits of good taste. For this reason, playing the league belongs to the wedding tradition!

So what other traditions do you think are worth keeping or abandoning? Dollars dancing, training dinner or maybe a traditional wedding appointment? Let the Debate Begin!