What is the IELTS General Training Test?

The main purpose of the IELTS test is basically to measure how fluent someone’s English is. In the IELTS test, there are indeed the simulations of the four language skills to comprehend if you want to communicate well in English. They are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. But in daily life, the variety of language tends to be different depending on the environment. The language used for the work or training world must be different from that for the academic world.
IELTS test tends to accommodate those two main functions of English depending on the environment. That’s why; in IELTS, there are 2 types of the test recognized. They are IELTS general training and IELTS academic test. In this page, anyway, you will learn more about the IELTS test for the general training. How is it?

About IELTS General Training Test
The IELTS test for the general training is aimed at measuring the participants’ fluency in English in the daily context. The English skills to measure are more about the working environment and social interaction. This type of the IELTS test is more necessary for them who want to work or join the brief training in the English speaking countries.
The test is also often used as the administration requirement who want to migrate to the English speaking countries. Commonly, the destination countries are UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Yes, the English used in those countries are mainly British English which is represented in the IELTS more. However, the results of the IELTS can also be used for the other countries with the American-English speakers like the USA. Meanwhile, the IELTS score accepted depends on the regulation of the countries.

Listening and Speaking Sections in the IELTS General Training
IELTS listening and IELTS speaking sections are not so much different between the general training and academic tests. Both sections cover all the basic skills and the listening is done first with the time duration of 30 minutes to answer 40 questions. Meanwhile, the speaking test is commonly done separately from the 3 other skills. It depends on the schedule given by the institution whether the speaking is done in the same or the different day from the other sections.

Reading and Writing Sections in the IELTS General Training
The main differences between the IELTS general training and academic tests are placed on the reading and writing sections. In the IELTS reading section, the general training of the IELTS test provides sorts of simpler and shorter texts. Meanwhile, the IELTS writing section commonly only asks you to explain or describe events or themes available.
The themes for all those skills are related to daily life. The topics are mostly about the events in the job and neighborhood environment. Undeniably, there is a tendency that the general training of IELTS seems to be easier than the academic one. But sure, you still need to prepare and learn more about them. It is mainly if you want to pass the score required as well as be successful in this test.